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Georgia Tech-Lorraine is the Georgia Institute of Technology's European Campus.

​Georgia Tech-Lorraine was established in 1990 in Metz, France. The campus is located in the heart of Europe in eastern France by the borders of BelgiumLuxembourg, and Germany, less than 90 minutes from Paris by high-speed train. 

Starting with an incoming class of just 6 students in a Master's program in electrical and computer engineering the highly innovative institution now offers year-round studies in multiple disciplines at the undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels.

Undergraduate students from Georgia Tech and other U.S. institutions come year-round to spend a semester or more on campus. And, it's not just for engineers; in addition to engineering students, the campus welcomes students in business, the sciences, French, International Affairs and more.

Georgia Tech-Lorraine offers Master's and PhD programs in the areas of Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Students graduate with a degree from highly-ranked Georgia Tech.

It's home to a strong sponsored research program through the Unité Mixte Internationale (GT-CNRS UMI 2958), an international joint laboratory between Georgia Tech and the French Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS). And adjacent to the campus is the Lafayette Institute, an extension of Georgia Tech's "Innovation Ecosystem" that further enhances the research and education opportunities for Georgia Tech-Lorraine students. 

Georgia Tech-Lorraine fosters the flow of new ideas, creates new opportunities, and nurtures the development of global leadership and innovative thinking in its students. Close to 8,000 undergraduate, masters and doctoral students have spent a semester or more on the Metz campus, enriching their education with a global perspective.

Georgia Tech-Lorraine is fully integrated into French and American structures: an affiliate of the Georgia Institute of Technology incorporated under French Law.